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Welcome Mama.

Hello! My name is Bethany Funk, and I am a birth and postpartum doula located in Kelowna, BC. 

I support all birthing people, in all birthing spaces, and I have a deep passion for the whole process of pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery. I believe that birth is not a condition or an illness, it is the most natural thing a person can do.

My goal with this business and as your doula, is to listen and offer guidance where needed so you can have your birth your way.  I want to be a steady, non-judgmental, and reliable source and support for you on this transformational journey.

I find it an absolute honor to be invited into your sacred birth place, and I do not take this privilege lightly. I desire to bring gentleness and stability to your birthing place, and your home.

"What does a birth doula do and not do?"


A birth doula essentially guides you through to process of labour and childbirth, but also supports you before hand during pregnancy, and briefly afterwards during the postpartum period. Doulas are professionals who are there to support you informationally, by answering you or you're partners questions from throughout the pregnancy to the postpartum period. To physically support you while in labour through counter-pressure, breathing techniques, position changes etc., and to emotionally support you through reassurance, and to listen and advocate for you.

Does not

A birth doula is not a medical professional like a midwife or ob/gyn. I do not deliver babies, nor do I perform any exams on you or your baby. I do not advise on any medical decisions you and your partner will have to make, and I do not diagnose or treat any medical issue/injury.

Doulas are simply there to unbiasedly support you along your journey despite any route your labour and delivery may take. 

"What does a postpartum doula do and not do?"


Postpartum doulas are there to assist you in your life after baby. No matter if you delivered your baby via vaginal delivery or caesarian delivery, in the following weeks after your baby's birth you need rest. That is where I come in as your postpartum doula. I come to your home and help out with whatever you need most that day. Whether that be meal prep, light house work, older-sibling care, infant care, and support and care for you.

Does not

Though the job of a postpartum doula is to support new mamas in what they need, my support is different from the duties of a maid or babysitter/nanny. Though similar, a postpartum doula is present to support mum, and somedays that does look like exclusively older-sibling/infant care or tidying up, but there could be a problem if a postpartum doula is hired to fill the position of a maid or babysitter.

I am not a medical professional so I will not give my medical opinion, prescribe, exam, or diagnose mamas or their new babies.

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